Over the last few years, I’ve been really lucky to work with so many of Brighton and Sussex’s pre-schools
and nurseries on a regular basis taking their pre-school portraits. Being a mum of two (with countless ‘professional’
bland, boring and unnatural photos of my children from over the years), I understand that photographs of your little
angel should capture their growing personalities. That’s why my portrait photos aren’t shot against the
traditional white studio background. Instead, my natural pre-school portraits are taken of
little ones enjoying their day; playing, laughing and learning.

This creative, unobtrusive style of photography has been really popular with pre-school
establishments and proud parents alike, with many telling me that they love having images that capture the
essence of their ever-developing little people. As I allocate a whole day for each pre-school and nursery, this allows
me time to get to know each child that I’m photographing. One of the perks of my job is definitely getting children
giggling, chatting and just being their cheeky selves. I do this by not only taking a relaxed approach to
photography but also letting them get hands on with my camera and showing them how it works.


Each child has their own password protected gallery for parents to peruse and choose their favourites.
I offer a range of print options via a hassle-free ordering system – simply choose your image, select your size and you’re done!

Information for nurseries I’m fully CRB checked and my pre-school portraits are taken at no cost to your nursery.
I’m also happy for you to take a profit percentage to be discussed in our initial meet.


 I have had the pleasure to view both her fun, vibrant family photography and her excellent skills in capturing photographs for our nursery parents and website. It was such a great experience using Kirsty at Bluebell Children's Nurseries. She captured the children naturally whilst playing, meaning that the children felt at ease rather than having staged pictures in front of a back drop. Kirsty spent time at each of our nurseries capturing images for our new website due to go live shortly. The whole experience was fun and staff and children felt relaxed. Thank you Kirsty. We look forward to all our new photos going live soon.


Clair Coope - Bluebell  Children's Nurseries